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Christina Altemueller 

  Marriage and Family Therapist 

Parenting difficulties


If you feel like your emotions are running your life or you feel stuck, we can work on taking back the control. With support and guidance, you can start to worry less, feel more at peace with yourself, create more fulfilling relationships with others and really begin to enjoy your life. My goal is helping you find your voice, identify your strengths, and build skills.  While working together, counseling will be tailored to meet your specific, individual needs.

Children in distress

Children and Teens

If you are concerned about your child or teen and want to help them learn to cope with this difficult time in life in a healthy way, counseling can help. Your child will have the opportunity to explore, express and better understand their feelings, while also learning coping and communication skills to better manage stressors. I work collaboratively with you to help your child or teen create lasting life changes.

Families in distress


If you have tried working out relationship problems but they are not getting better, counseling can help. If you find yourselves not understanding each other, fighting or not talking at all, therapy can help you hear and understand each other. With the right tools and support, you can have the relationship you want. We will focus on bridging the gaps in communication and identifying techniques and solutions to help improve your relationship issues.